A hearty, mouthwatering breakfast- Meat Lovers Omelette

So, my husband is a big fan of breakfast and he woke up yesterday with an urge to eat Ihop’s Colorado Omelette. Instead of going to Ihop and overpaying for breakfast, I decided to whip something up with the ingredients I had at home. This recipe can serve 1-2 people.

Here goes…


3 Eggs

2 Breakfast Sausages ( I used Pork but you can use whatever you have on hand)

2 Slices of Pork Bacon ( or Turkey)

2 Fresh Mushrooms, sliced

Half of an onion, chopped

1/4 Tablespoon of salt

1/2 Tablespoon freshly cracked black pepper

1 1/2 Tablespoons butter

Step 1

Firstly, you have to prepare your bacon and sausages. Begin by placing the 2 slices of bacon into a cold skillet. Then turn the heat on to medium and let it cook for about 3-4 minutes on each side. When the bacon is done cooking, drain out the excess oil from the pan and place the breakfast sausages to cook. Let these cook for 4 minutes on each side on medium heat. Place onto paper towels to drain out the excess oil. Let it cool and chop into bite size pieces.


Step 2

Next, crack eggs into a bowl and add salt and pepper. Briskly whisk eggs and set aside until you need it. Now, place 1 tbsp of butter into a non-stick pan on low-medium heat. Throw in mushrooms and let them reduce. After the mushrooms are cooked, throw in the onions and let that cook for 2 minutes. Then throw in the meat (sausage and bacon) and let this cook for about 2 more mins. Set this aside and add the extra butter to the pan, only if the pan has gotten dry.



IMG-20150719-WA0032Whisked Eggs

Step 3

After you’ve added the extra butter to the pan, place the heat on low and throw in the eggs.


Since the pan was already nice and hot, the eggs will start cooking quickly. Leave the eggs to cook until it looks like this.


Now, throw your sauteed meat and vegetables onto one half of the omelette.


Now carefully fold the empty side over the other. If you want, you can put cheese on top of the meat and then fold it.

IMG-20150719-WA0028 When it’s folded, leave it on the pan for about 2 mins to cook fully. Then turn off the pan and slide your omelette onto a plate. You can also add cheese on top if you want. I crumbled a slice of cheddar on top and added some avocado and hot sauce.

This is the final product.

IMG-20150719-WA0025 IMG-20150719-WA0026IMG-20150719-WA0024

Hope you enjoyed this recipe!

With love and a spoonful of honey,


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