Trinidad Pholourie

This amazing Trinidadian street snack/appetizer will have you dribbling for more!

If you remember the days when you could go by de parlour down de road and buy 10 of these for a dollar then you’re true Trini! I remember it used to be soaked in chutney and that’s all I used to spend my money on in school.

One of my really good friends back in Trini shared this recipe with me and I practiced many times until I was good at it.
Try it and tell me what you think!




5 cups of all purpose flour 

1/2 cup of ground dhal or split peas powder

2 tbsps tumeric or saffron powder

5 tsps of yeast

5 tsps green seasoning 

1 tbsp salt

3-4 cups of water 

6 cups of oil for frying


1. Mix all dry ingredients thoroughly together with your hands or a fork. 

2. Add water until a thick paste is formed. (Watch my video below to see how it should be) 

3. Add green seasoning and mix well. 

4. Let it sit in a warm area of your kitchen for a few hours, until it doubles in size. 

5. Add oil to your pot and put the heat on medium-low. Let the oil heat up for a few minutes. 

6. Use a spoon or your hands to add batter to the oil in the shape of balls. Space them out so they get room to rise to the surface and move around.  Let them fry for about 4-5 mins and place on paper towel to drain the excess oil.

7. Enjoy with mango or tamarind chutney! 

Check out my video where I demonstrate how to make them:



Here’s the chutney recipe

With love and a spoonful of honey,

Taste of Trini

4 thoughts on “Trinidad Pholourie

Add yours

    1. Not really, because it’s a huge batch of pholourie, but you can lessen the amount of tumeric you put though. Check out my video to see what it looks like. I used the same recipe.


  1. I tried this recipe and it came out PERFECT! They were round and nice and soft. I can’t believe I finally learned how to make pholourie the right way! The saffron in the recipe is correct and gives a nice light yellow colour. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us 🙂


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