Hi everyone! Sorry about being away from my blog for so long. Today’s recipe is one of my ย most loved childhood snacks, breadfruit chips. Breadfruit is used in Trinidad and Tobago, the other Caribbean Islands and is also grown in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central America and the Pacific Ocean. It can be cooked in many ways (Oil down, roasted, fried etc). Here’s one of my favorite ways to use breadfruit. These chips are well seasoned and flavorful and yet it’s so simple to make. Here’s what you’ll need.


2 Mature-Ripe Breadfruits
2 tsps salt
10-12 leaves of shadon beni/bhandanya
10 cloves/ 1 head of garlic
1 hot pepper
oil to fry


Step 1:

Pick or buy a Mature to Ripe Breadfruit.



Step 2:

Use right away or submerge in water overnight to decline the ripening process. When ready to use, cut in half and then quarters.


pic 1


Step 3:

Carve out the core of the breadfruit where you see the minute black seeds and peel the skin off.


Step 4:

Now cut into strips, to the thickness that you want ( I prefer mine crispy so I cut it very thin).



Step 5:

Blend shadon beni/bhandanya, garlic, hot pepper and a little bit of water in a blender or food processor (no need to add water). Season the breadfruit slices with salt and the green seasoning that you blended. Mix well to coat each piece of the breadfruit. Leave it to soak in the seasonings for about 45 mins to an hour.



Step 5:

After it’s marinated for a while, put some oil to heat up in a frying pan and fry these babies for about 12 minutes, 6 minutes on each side ( on medium high heat) until it’s a nice golden brown color.



Step 5:

Drain on papers towels, and eat like a glutton (well atleast that’s what I do).





Here’s the video which shows step by step what I did:

With love and a spoonful of Trini,