Stewed Fish

Stewed Fish/Brown Stew Fish is very popular in the Caribbean. Usually, freshly caught fish are cleaned and seasoned with local herbs and stewed in a golden sauce. In my family, we don’t use sugar for stewing the fish, but we use ketchup & roucou (achiote/annatto). Here’s my take on a Caribbean-style Stewed Fish! INGREDIENTS: 2... Continue Reading →

Shrimp Wantons: Trini Style

This is one of the ultimate Trini appetizers or snacks. It's another recipe with a strong Asian influence, but as always we put our own Trini kick to it. It can also be made with chicken or veggies. Here's how I make mine. Ingredients: 1lb peeled and deveined shrimp 1 lemon wanton wrappers 1 cup... Continue Reading →

Pepper Shrimp

Hey guys! This recipe is a typical Trini Sunday dish! Due to the strong Asian influence in Trinidad and Tobago, this dish is a fusion of cultures. It has a Trini kick to it ( Green Seasoning and Hot pepper) and it's quite fiery, just how we love it on the islands! If you can't... Continue Reading →

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