Maco Yuh Kitchen

Maco Yuh Kitchen was started as a way to showcase YOU! It’s done on my YouTube channel Taste of Trini, and the concept behind it is for you to share your kitchen with the Taste of Trini family. It doesn’t have to revolve around food alone, but anything related to culture and family is welcome. You can send in recipe videos, vlogs of your daily life, and anything you would like to share with us at Taste of Trini.

Send videos to

Some tips to keep in mind before sending in your videos.

  • Always record in landscape mode.
  • Record in the highest quality that your camera or phone can handle. 
  • You don’t have to show your face, but it is a plus! 
  • Talking in the video is recommended.
  • No copyright violation! (music, movies etc)

Looking forward to seeing your videos!




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